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December 26, 2013:
Planning for a variety of activities increases thanks to increased interest in the precious metals market and rare earths.


Metals Used in Electronics:

The proliferation of tablet computers, smartphones, and flat screen TVs has been keeping metal prices high..

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Full service mining, tunneling, alimak, shotcrete

Montana Manroc has experts who can contract your mining and engineering needs whether you are building a road, blasting a tunnel, extracting ore, or doing surface treatment work. As a full surface mining contractor, we can remove rocks from land that needs to be developed, blast basements and road cuts, and manage mining crews on just about any hard-rock or underground mining project.

No mining job is done with a cookie cutter approach. Whether you are building a tunnel, boring a shaft, or remediating past work, there are many unique factors in play. In mining, the ore body needs to be followed, and it never follows a uniform line. In tunneling, you have to worry about faults, differences in materials, water levels, and even seismic concerns. Therefore, a quote on a job may involve a lot of research, test shafts, and process planning before a better idea of the cost structure can be presented.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Montana Manroc is not limited to projects in Montana, and can help you with projects just about anywhere in the US. Specialized mining consulting contractors.