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December 26, 2013:
A good mining contractor can help you solve problems related to everything from ore extraction to drainage and site leveling. Whether you are blasting a road cut or clearing some bedrock, mining engineers and contractors can find cost-effective solutions for whatever is in your way.


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Got boulder problems? Mining contractors can make rocks disappear, preventing them from rolling down hills or obstructing a project. In many cases big rocks have to be blasted in order to make them small enough to move, or prevent a disaster along a highway.

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Mining ContractorLooking for a mining contractor? Montana Manroc is a mine development company specializing in Civil and Mine Construction, Civil Tunneling, Ground Stabilization, Grouting, Mine Development, Mine Operation, Alimak Stoping, Alimak and Conventional Raise Mining, Road Header Operation, and Shotcreting. They are currently working with Shotcrete Technologies and Klempco construction company doing a shotcrete lining of a 1000' deep raise-bore hole, and using wet-mix shotcrete to line the borehole.

Hard rock mining and metals mining contractors generally are experienced in above ground and underground techniques. For underground mining, contractors need to be well versed in excavating ores like gold, copper, lead, nickel, and zinc, which are extracted from ore bodies which can go deep into the ground beyond the reach of most surface mining techniques. To access underground ore, an underground miner or mining company will need to create adits, vertical shafts, or declines to properly access the ore body and ventilate the working environment. Additionally, rock bolts and galvanized culverts may be needed to stabilize the overburden and offer protection against loose rock. Knowledge of shaft and stope excavation will also be critical in the economical removal of ore from the mine.

By starting with the development mining phase, top contractors ensure that waste rock is removed through the elimination (or mucking out) of previously blasted material, rock drilling, explosives loading and blasting, and excavation support. Moving on to production mining, there are methods including short and long hole mining, both of which involve extracting rock from the ore body and then excavating either directly or removing through a bottom excavation.

For 2014, mining regulations have become more stringent despite what you might see on shows about people in Alaska digging big holes into the ground and extracting jars full of gold nuggets. A variety of environmental and land use permits have to be secured in addition to OSHA and mine safety requirements, so be sure all your contractors and subcontractors are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Critical to any mining job is ground support. Through the use of rock bolts, (including grouted, mechanical and friction), stability in the mine is maintained. Materials including shotcrete, cable bolts, welded wire mesh, swellex, and latex membranes are used to ensure that loose rocks and wall faces do not dislodge and injure the miners or damage equipment.

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